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At Redeemer, Women’s ministry is purposeful, relational and beautiful.

Purposeful. We want to love God more, serve others well, and shine the gospel boldly.

You can expect what we do to be focused on this three-fold emphasis.

Relational. Though God’s plan is ultimately doxological, He has always been concerned

for people. We strive to imitate this as we pursue friendships of transparency, grace,

welcome and encouragement.

Beautiful. God created a world of splendor, and it was good. We worship a God of

beauty and exquisite loveliness. We aim to display the beauty and excellence of God as

we spotlight the undeniable truth that God, in all his ways and his Word, is truly lovely.

We see this most extravagantly in the gospel.

Regular opportunities to gather include the following:

Titus 2 is our small-group, 1x/month mentoring ministry, running from September through May each year.

Summer in Homes meets in an area home on Tuesday nights for fellowship and discussion around God’s Word during the months of June, July and August.

Women’s Bible Study gathers weekly during September through April to study God’s Word along with small group discussion and prayer. Sessions are offered both Thursday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Our Women’s Retreat takes place the last weekend in April, offering deeper connection with sisters in Christ, encouragement in the Word, and lots of laughter - all in a lovely, wooded setting.

It’s a great time to be a woman at Redeemer!

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