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Young Adults


Young Christian adults, those approximately 18-30 years old, face unique challenges. From college to career, pressure to conform to the spirit of the age abounds. Gospel Life Young Adult Ministry is committed to serving the young adults of Redeemer and its partner churches by providing Christ-centered education and community. From monthly gatherings to regular group activities, Gospel Life aims to ground young adults in the gospel and equip them to share the gospel in their specific contexts.


Mission: To equip young adults to declare, demonstrate, and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Vision: Gospel Life exists to serve the young adults of Redeemer Bible Church and its partner churches by providing sound biblical teaching, facilitating rich discussions, and fostering meaningful relationships.


Guiding Principles:

  • Healthy Ecclesiology – Young adults integrated into broader church life, accountability from elders/pastors, maintains primacy of Sunday morning corporate worship.

  • Gospel Centrality – All teaching and activities are intentionally gospel-centered and Christ-exalting.

  • Oriented Apologetically – Calling and equipping young adults to share and defend the gospel in an increasingly hostile culture.

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