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About TRI


TRI exists to equip the church to glorify God through deeper study of his Word and doctrine. 


Theology for Everyone. 


Accessible – Courses of study will benefit leaders and laity alike without being overwhelming or intimidating. 


Academic – Students will be challenged to dig deeper into Scripture and Christian doctrine while engaging in meaningful assignments. 


Affectionate – The aim of each course will be to increase the student’s understanding of and love for the triune God. 


Affiliated – TRI is a ministry of Redeemer Bible Church and is accountable to its elders and doctrinal convictions. 


Active – Each course will challenge the student to use what they have learned to engage in Christ’s great commission at home and in the world.  

Spring 2024 Classes (Deadline, Jan 12th)
January 24th - April 24th

CHURCH HISTORY II  (Wed. 5:30-7pm) 

From the Reformation to Today

Taught by Jason Harrison, this class that will continue our study through church history, noting its major turning points, historical personages, key leaders, doctrinal formation, and more. You do not need to have attended Church History I to benefit from this course of study!

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EVANGELISM (Wed. 7-9:00pm) 

Understanding and Engaging Roman Catholicism

Taught by Aaron White, this 12-week course will examine the history and core doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church in an effort to equip students to fairly and effectively engage with Roman Catholic leaders and laity. From the papacy to the role of Mary to purgatory and more, this course will give students a comprehensive overview of Roman Catholic doctrine and provide them with apologetic tools to bring biblical clarity to their conversations and evangelistic efforts.


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