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We strive to provide ministries that help each person grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ. We understand that there is a great value to age-appropriate teaching to best equip every man, woman, and child take their next spiritual step.


Loving volunteers lay a solid spiritual foundation for the littlest ones at Redeemer.


Equipping men to live gospel-centered lives in every season of life and in every calling.

Adult Education

Encouraging deep study of God’s Word with practical application for everyday life.

Young Adults

Equipping young adults to declare, demonstrate, and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Strengthening the ability of parents to raise their children in a God-honoring way.


Equipping women to live gospel-centered lives in every calling and season of life.


Demonstrating the grace and mercy of Christ by meeting the needs of others.


Equipping youth to use their energy to proclaim, embody and enjoy the gospel.

Community Groups

Providing opportunities to live out the gospel in a community with other believers.


Engaging our congregation in the spread of the gospel to the nations.

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