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Holy Week, Day 6: Good Friday

Devotional from Jeff Hay in Dublin, Ireland


Crossway's The Final Days of Jesus: Friday

Scripture Guide

Jesus is Betrayed by Judas and Arrested Matthew 26:47–56; Mark 14:43–52; Luke 22:47–53; John 18:2–12

Jesus has an Informal Hearing before Annas Matthew 26:57, 59–68; Mark 14:53, 55–65; Luke 22:63–71

Judas Returns the Silver and Hangs Himself Matthew 27:3–10

Pilate Questions Jesus and Sends Him to Herod Antipas Matthew 27:11–14; Mark 15:2–5; Luke 23:1–7; John 18:28–38

Herod Questions Jesus and Sends Him Back to Pilate Luke 23:8–12

Jesus Appears before Pilate a Second Time and is Condemned to Die Matthew 27:15–26; Mark 15:6–15; Luke 23:13–25; John 18:38–19:16

Jesus is Mocked and Marched to Golgotha Matthew 27:27–34; Mark 15:16–23; Luke 23:26–49; John 19:17

Jesus is Crucified between Two Thieves Matthew 27:35–44; Mark 15:24–32; Luke 23:33–43; John 19:18–27

Joseph of Arimathea Buries Jesus in a New Tomb Matthew 27:57–61; Mark 15:42–47; Luke 23:50–56; John 19:38–42

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