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What is Women’s Ministry at Redeemer All About?

By Elaine Pratt

We’ve got spirit, yes, we do!

We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout YOU?!

In a different lifetime, I raised red pom-poms and screamed this into the opposing team’s stand. I was filled with home-team loyalty fervor, and the other team was lobbed an unspecified expectation. They DID have spirit, but no one had given instructions on how to respond back, led the charge to do so, or even forewarned them of their obligation in this volley of home-team competitive loudness.

What to do?

With the announcement of my role in leading women’s ministry, I suggest a small (non-athletic, non-yelling) parallel. At our April 12 CELEBRATE! Ladies event I observed an energy and eagerness that reverberated through the many women who attended. The enthusiasm to be together was palpable. Interest and anticipation loomed large. It’s an exciting time to be a woman at RBC!

But now what?

Allow me to invite you into the inner circle and be fully ‘read in.’ I want you to be in the know!

1. What is Women’s Ministry (WM) at Redeemer about?

As part of Redeemer Bible Church, our mission and vision have already been determined, and it’s what WM here has always been about:

MISSION: We exist to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that all people will find their satisfaction in God alone.

VISION: (can you repeat it?)

We are desperate for God.

We are dependent on each other.

We are determined to go.

As we break down the mission and vision to get specific to our lives as women, I’ve crafted the following ministry-specific goals:

OBJECTIVES: (can you get behind these with me?)

  • To cultivate a supreme love for God in our minds, affections, choices, and lifestyle so that our identity unmistakably reflects gospel transformation and mission.

  • To inspire our love for God’s Word, to equip us to better understand God’s Word, and to encourage us in its sufficiency for life and godliness.

  • To live out our feminine Imago Dei design via active, intelligent, complementary contributions in our homes, community, and church.

  • To foster community and relationship that facilitate transparency, thoughtful care, honest confession, and frequent encouragement with the goals of love and unity.

  • To enable evangelism, discipleship, mentoring, and replication of next generation Christ-followers and leaders through purposeful training and life-on-life relationship.

2. What will WM at Redeemer look like?

Purposeful. We want to love God more, serve others well, and shine the gospel boldly. We’ll filter what WM is and does through this grid. We want to steward time well, so expect what we do to be focused!

Relational. Though its end is doxological, God’s plan has always been concerned for people. We will imitate this as we pursue friendships of transparency, grace, welcome, and encouragement.

Beautiful. God created a world of splendor, and it was good. We worship a God of beauty and exquisite loveliness. As women, we image this in our nature which orders, nurtures, and enhances our world and God’s truth by seeking to display its beauty and excellence. We want to spotlight the undeniable truth that God, in all his ways and his Word, is truly lovely.

3. How can I get involved?

  1. Will you pray?

  2. Will you forward feedback, ideas, areas you can help, and your encouragement to me?

  3. Will you read the information emails so you can stay informed?

  4. Will you commit to be involved, as wisdom dictates?


Summer in Homes. Watch for details on our Summer Tuesday nights, 7 pm, June 14 - August 9, where we’ll gather for fellowship and discussion around God’s truth. Specifics to be emailed soon.

Titus 2. Our 3rd year of mentoring connections (1x/month) via groups of 1-2 older women with 3-5 younger women will begin this fall. Sign-up will begin in August for the 2022-2023 school year. Further info and sign-up details to come.

Ladies Bible Study. We gather every other week to study God’s Word, offering both a weeknight and Thursday morning option during the school year. Fall 2022 session will begin in September. Start dates and details on our study will come later.

4. What about the counselor part of the new Women’s Ministry Director role?

We all have times in our lives where we could be served by another coming alongside us in a purposeful, scripturally-rich way to help navigate life. (I know my own life situations compile a lengthy list so far!) In this mindset, I bring my training and experience in Biblical counseling to offer spiritual support in a confidential, compassionate setting to any Redeemer woman, teen or family desiring such help. Call or email me to find a time to meet without expense.

5. Who can I talk to for more information?

I am eager to hear your responses to our above-stated objectives, answer any questions, and just get to know you better! I invite you to contact me via cell phone (952-239-9692) or email ( I am in the office of the ministry building Monday – Thursday, 9 – 5. Stop in! Or on a Sunday morning, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself if you are newer; if you’ve been around awhile, be prepared for me to reintroduce myself (as I often forget names!). I am an introvert who loves people. Any others who can relate?

“I’ve got spirit, yes, I do.

I’ve got spirit, how ‘bout YOU?

I’m eager to enjoy a bright and beautiful future as a woman at RBC. Will you grab a (figurative) pom-pom and join me?

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