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The Gospel of God

A Poetic Journey Through the Book of Romans

By J. Aaron White

The mystery of the grace of God

Foretold in ages past

Is the gift I long to bring

To you, dear friends, at last.

To strengthen and encourage you

My burden daily grows

Unashamed am I, for God

Has made his power known.

Grace is relished as the cure

When poison fills the veins

Glory stifled and dismissed

Yet conscience, torn, remains.

No one righteous, no one clean

All rebel and all defy

Offended sovereign, broken law

All who sin must die.

Justice meted and upheld

The judge is vindicated

The substitute for sinners slain

And wrath propitiated.

Sinners now may stand assured

That Christ their sins has owned

Righteousness is granted them

By faith, and faith alone.

Second Adam, holy head

In him sin’s power undone

Unified to Christ the Lord

Glad slaves of Christ the Son.

Condemnation now removed

The Spirit us indwells

Secure in Christ and loved of God

No fear of death or hell.

Though some remain untouched by grace

His Word forever stands

Filthy clay should never curse

The touch of sovereign hands.

But how will pots be formed at all

Unless the potter send

His gospel forth in power to save

Through lips of feeble men?

How can we give a sane response

To grace secured by blood?

No lamb or dove or goat or sheep

But lives laid down in love.

Hearts that swell with gratitude

Spill over to our brothers

Kindness and longsuffering shown

With selfless love to others.

Hope abounding, joy increasing

One in heart and mind are we

For the glory of the Lord

We boldly cross the land and sea.

Strengthened by the gospel daily

Arm in arm we stand

Ascribe God glory for his wisdom

Manifest in Christ, the Lamb!

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